A Brief History Of Crappy Jobs I Once Had

Neighborhood Garden Center (ages 14-16) – Manually loaded bags of various landscaping materials (mulch, topsoil, and stones) from palettes into customer vehicles during spring and summer months on the weekends. During winter, did the same for bags of rock salt, bails of firewood, and other various wintertime goods.

McDonalds (ages 16-18) – Worked the grill on nights and weekends during the school year, and nearly full-time over the summer. Despite the horrible hours, enjoyed the opening shift of the store (5:00 am through 1:00 pm) and made a slightly higher wages for the inconvenience.

NYU Bobst Library (ages 18-21) – A work-study job during the school year, I was part of a team that worked in the basement of the building, scanning and cataloguing various periodicals that had been ordered by the university. Also included matching periodical invoices to publications sent our way, and trying to figure out if we ever received the issues we were being billed for.

NJ Transit (ages 18-21) – I spent the summers of my college years working behind bulletproof glass and selling bus tickets to commuters and vacationers alike traveling to and from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. I worked for one summer in the Atlantic City Bus Terminal and two in the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Center City Philadelphia.

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