WiFi That Works!

I have spent the last two years plagued by poor WiFi.

That fact is due as much to the construction of the apartment I live in as anything else — I live in what some would consider a ‘railroad’ style building, which includes one long hallway from back to front, with doors to various bedrooms and bathrooms lining that path.

Over the course of the last few years, my girlfriend and I have tried numerous things to make sure WiFi was available in both ends of the apartment. At one point we ran ethernet cable from one end of the apartment to the other end, setting up routers at each.

But most recently, we had been using a single, over-priced router positioned in the center of the apartment. The end result from that setup was merely that our wireless internet spanned about 80 percent of the house, with little to no connectivity in the front or rear of the apartment.

That was the case until I finally received my Eero. When I first heard about what Eero planned — to create a wireless routing system that essentially created a mesh network using multiple WiFi access points throughout a home — I was intrigued, and almost immediately pre-ordered a set.

And while the wait was much longer than I expected or hoped (the original target ship date was fall 2015, but pre-order units didn’t get sent out until last month), I can honestly say that the wait has been worth it. After installing Eero base stations in the center of the house, as well as in room on either end, our household can finally get usable wireless Internet throughout — something that we had previously thought impossible.

More important that just access, though, is speed and reliability: in the weeks leading up to receiving my Eero unit, there were multiple evenings in which Netflix just wouldn’t load, presumably because one of my roommates was also using some sort of high-bandwidth application. That doesn’t happen anymore, thank God.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I wish my Eero three-pack had come sooner. It felt like forever while I waited as the pre-order ship date slipped from last fall to early 2016. But it was clearly worth the wait, as I can finally get WiFi connectivity anywhere in my apartment. Finally.

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